Restaurant on the Beach

Enjoy the beach in front of El Molino White restaurant

If you are looking for a restaurant on the beach in Torrevieja, read on because this is of your interest! In the middle of the beachfront of La Mata you can find El Molino White. It is nothing but one of the restaurants with the largest experience and culinary career on the beachfront of La Mata, one of the most well-known beaches in the city. Our menu offers many possibilities, since it includes a Mediterranean, homemade and varied cuisine that is able to adapt to all tastes. In addition, its unbeatable location in this coastal city will make you fall in love in every way with El Molino White. We have three large terraces and an indoor lounge from which you will not lose sight of the sea. Don’t think twice and try the most Mediterranean flavor of Torrevieja at El Molino White!

Our menu

Taste the original Mediterranean flavor on the beachfront and don’t miss our diverse preparations. El Molino White was born more than 30 years ago with the aim of pampering the palate of our clients, offering a Mediterranean cuisine made with select ingredients, where tradition plays an essential role. We provide a large selection of grilled meats, fish from our Mediterranean Sea and desserts that will crown your experience at El Molino White, a restaurant on the beach in Torrevieja. Relax and enjoy one of our premium cocktails  in one of the most special restaurants on La Mata beach (Torrevieja).

Are you spending the day at La Mata beach? If that is your case and you want your plan to continue without leaving the sand and the Mediterranean Sea, here is a unique experience in one of the most special restaurants with sea views in Torrevieja. Visit El Molino White, a restaurant with a privileged location with spacious facilities on the beachfront. Do not miss this restaurant on the beach in Torrevieja and relax while having lunch or dinner in front of La Mata beach.


Enjoy with your friends or family a 100% Mediterranean experience by the hand of our team, that will make you feel at home. Our menu includes many options of Mediterranean cuisine, among which we are sure you will find one that suits your taste and preferences. Take a look at our menu and, if you need any recommendations or more information related to ingredients or allergens, our staff will be happy to help you.

Dónde estamos

La Mata beach is one of the largest ones in Torrevieja. It is bounded by Cabo Cervera to the south and by the Torre de La Mata to the north and has a long promenade where you will find the El Molino White. This restaurant in Torrevieja has more than 30 years of experience in the kitchen. We have managed to merge the traditional Mediterranean essence with a local cuisine, in which the ingredients are carefully chosen by our staff to offer the highest quality to our customers. Thanks to our spacious facilities, you will be able to enjoy the views of La Mata, where the beauty of nature competes with the one of the waves breaking. This beach is for this kind of visitor who wants to avoid a location near city centers. La Mata beach is an intimate and perfect place to spend a day surrounded by family and friends.



If you want to make sure you find a table without waiting for it, El Molino White is definitely your place. Don’t let others tell you about this experience: use our online platform now and book a table in our restaurant on the beach in Torrevieja. Visit our spacious facilities and feel the sea breeze while you enjoy a fantastic lunch or dinner.


At El Molino White we take the needs of our customers very seriously and, therefore, now you can also enjoy our meals wherever you choose. Order your favorite dishes by our online platform and pick up your takeaway food at our restaurant. We provide you with the best quality and the richest flavor so that you can feel the original Mediterranean experience on the beach, at home or wherever you want.