Mediterranean cuisine

Would you like to experience the 100% Mediterranean feeling for yourself? If the answer is yes, you must find out about El Molino White, the Mediterranean restaurant in Torrevieja. Do you wonder why? Our menu offers a wide variety of options that will please all kinds of palates, since our meals are made with high quality local products and a traditional way of cooking. You will find dishes to have for lunch or dinner, so you can enjoy being by the beach regardless of the time you come to El Molino White. If you love being outdoors both during the day or night, we have no doubt that you will feel at home at one of our terraces right next to the sea. Discover and taste the original Mediterranean flavor in Torrevieja!

Our Menu

Enjoy the original Mediterranean flavor at the seaside, where you will find a menu full of dishes in which every detail has been chosen with the utmost care. El Molino White, with over 30 years of experience pleasing the palate of our clients, has got to offer customers a Mediterranean cuisine prepared with selected ingredients, where tradition plays an essential role. Do not miss our large selection of grilled meat, fish from the Mediterranean sea and paellas. Pamper yourself and try this experience in our fantastic Mediterranean restaurant in Torrevieja.

The origin of Mediterranean cuisine has its roots a long time ago in areas near the Mediterranean Sea, where the olive tree grows in great abundance. Nowadays Spaniards  are well aware of the high value of this kind of cooking and diet, since it is the direct legacy of the different peoples that have lived in our territory throughout history. Apart from its rich flavor, it provides several health benefits. Making a careful selection of ingredients is our key step to make our clients enjoy our Mediterranean restaurant in Torrevieja. Our staff starts working to improve our clients’ experience even before the meal preparation starts. In this way, it is clear that one of our main premises consists of ensuring that our customers’ experience is as positive as possible for our clients.


Are you wondering where to have lunch or dinner in Torrevieja? El Molino White is a safe bet, since we are sure that here you will find the option you are looking for. Our wide menu manages to combine the traditional Mediterranean cuisine and adapt to the new needs of clients. For this reason, after a long time cooking for our clients, this Mediterranean restaurant is considered one of the referring points in Torrevieja and, more specifically, in La Mata beach area. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit El Molino White and try some of our dishes. Tasting high quality Mediterranean food at La Mata beach will be an experience that you will not forget. We are already waiting for you!

Restaurant on the beach in Torrevieja

Do not miss our Mediterranean restaurant in a privileged location: the beachfront of La Mata beach. Make your reservation now and let us share with you a day at the beach in Torrevieja.

Restaurant with outdoor terraces in Torrevieja

Visit us at El Molino White and relax in front of the sea at our outdoor and spacious terraces. Enjoy the fresh and salty air by the sea with your loved ones while we make sure that your visit turns out being a unique one.


Are you spending a day at La Mata beach and looking for a place to have lunch or dinner in Torrevieja? Thanks to our new online platform you can now make a reservation and easily find a table for you and your friends and family at El Molino White. Forget about waiting for a place to taste Mediterranean food in Torrevieja. Remember that you can also reach us by phone or email but, in case you prefer using our digital platform, please find below the instructions to make the reservation.

 First, you must fill in the required information: name and surname, contact information, number of diners, and the date and time. You also need to mention if there is any allergy or intolerance among the diners, so that our kitchen staff can take this into account when preparing your meals. Finally, confirm the information on our platform and we will do everything else. We pay attention to every detail so that everything will be ready to make your experience at El Molino White unforgettable!



If you want to have a good time, have a break and just enjoy being by the sea without worrying about other issues (such as cooking, for example), El Molino White offers you the perfect solution and provides a little escape from reality. We want our clients to feel as comfortable as possible in our restaurant. That’s why it is now possible to taste our Mediterranean flavor wherever you want to. Ordering takeaway food in Torrevieja has never been so easy thanks to our online platform. Pick your meal at our restaurant and choose where to enjoy it. It is about our food… but your rules!


After years of cooking experience, today our menu includes several homemade and traditional possibilities that please all tastes. It can seem something hard to believe, but we would like you to pay attention to the following recommendations of our menu. They will make you enjoy the authentic Mediterranean experience for yourself!

  • Do not miss our grilled meat.
  • Try the freshest local fish that goes perfectly with Rueda wine.
  • Order a paella to go and experience the 100% Mediterranean feeling.
  • Put the icing on the cake with one of our homemade desserts.


If you still have questions about what to order, how to do it online or simply need more information, reach us and we will help you out. El Molino White family is waiting for you on La Mata beach!